The Importance of Regular Dental Visits
Healthy Smiles

Generally, it is important to visit the dentist and have your routine cleanings and checkups twice a year. Some patients might have specific needs that require more frequent visits, but this is the timeline that is typically recommended. Unfortunately, 42% of Americans don’t see the dentist as often as they would like, according to the American Dental Association. Other medical needs, like visiting their primary care doctor, tend to take precedence.

On top of that, dental phobia is estimated to affect approximately 36% of the population, with 12% having extreme dental fear. To us, the issue is clear: People are not prioritizing oral care. Whether they are under the false impression that their oral health does not affect their overall health, or they are simply too afraid to visit, Dental Health 360° is here to provide a total commitment to patient care in a warm, welcoming environment.

Here are some reasons why we stress the importance of regular dental visits:

1. You may be suffering from underlying issues without even being aware of it.

Most Americans (70%) brush their teeth at least twice a day. This means that the majority of people are likely taking time to examine their dental conditions each day. These self-examinations are important, but they only go so far. Even if you habitually brush your teeth, examine them in the mirror, and floss, you will still be unable to see what conditions you may have, especially gum diseases.

Another false perception is that you will know if you have a cavity because you will feel pain. This is not always the case. The tooth enamel doesn’t have nerve endings, so if the decay is limited to those areas, you might not actually experience any pain. Even those who take diligent care of their teeth can be prone to cavities. Our team at Dental 360° places an emphasis on preventative care. We can spot problems forming before they become serious, and frequent visits allow us to stop them in their tracks.

  1. It’s important to stay up-to-date on your knowledge of oral care.

Just like every area of healthcare, our knowledge of dental best practices is constantly evolving. It’s important to stay informed of the best ways to care for your specific smile. You don’t want to be implementing a care routine that isn’t serving you. Frequent visits to the dentist will allow you to learn how to prevent conditions like gum disease in the ways that you care for your smile every day.
These lessons are important, but they are not meant to be a replacement for frequent dental visits. Dentists like the ones on our team at Dental Health 360° are able to clean your teeth on a level that isn’t possible at home. From scaling and polishing to medically intervening when there is an issue, the treatments you’ll have access to at your regular dental visits are essential for maintaining oral health.

  1. A dentist can perform oral cancer screenings, and will be the first to observe any red flags.

Signs of oral cancer include a sore that doesn’t heal, a lump, or persistent patches on the inside of the mouth. Individuals older than 45 and those with poor oral hygiene have an increased risk of oral cancer, but anyone can develop it. The best way to keep track of your status and to prevent this type of condition from taking hold is to make frequent dental visits. At your visits, your dentist is trained to look for abnormalities and causes of concern that would be difficult to recognize on your own.

  1. The Internet can be full of misinformation, but frequent dental visits will provide you with clear answers.

The Internet might be to blame for the large number of individuals who procrastinate visiting the dentist or avoid it altogether. While the sources available online can be helpful and lead you in the right direction at times, they are not a replacement for advice from a medical professional.

Making regular dental visits is not merely a chore; it is an act of self-care. Becoming a regular patient at a practice like Dental Health 360° will place you in the hands of a team that cares and is familiar with your specific medical needs. This doctor-to-patient relationship will enable us to provide personalized advice that you won’t find on the Internet. Plus, self-diagnosing can lead you spiraling into anxiety, and you don’t need that extra stress in your life.

Nobody is in a better position to provide you with trustworthy advice and oral health guidance than your own dental provider. To take the initiative and gift yourself with the oral care you deserve, call our office at (201) 809-9566. You can also contact us online to learn more about what being a patient of Dental Health 360° can do for you.