Convenience is a New Measurement of Quality Care
Dental Health 360° office

We’re all busy these days, especially if you live near or at large metropolitan areas and fitting dental care especially preventive dental care such as routine cleaning and exam into an already packed schedule can be a significant challenge. Dental Health 360° understands of how important convenience is to ensuring patients have access to the dental care they need to keep their oral health and beautiful smiles for life. In this blog we want to focus on key elements of our approach to help our patients.

Weekend Appointments and Extended Office Hours

At Dental Health 360°, we are proud to bring our patients a completely novel approach to dentistry. Not only do we provide convenient, high-quality, and affordable dental care, but we also deliver an outstanding level of service in our state-of-the-art facilities with a warm, welcoming experience on every visit by offering Monday through Thursday appointment from 9am until 8pm as well as appointments on Weekends (Saturday and Sundays) across our three offices

Convenient Office Locations

Significant way we make dental care visits an easy task is by offering multiple dental office locations within 15-20 minutes from each other, so no matter where you live in the North Jersey or Rockland County, NY there’s a Dental Health 360° nearby. Also, all offices are located at or near major shopping centers allowing our patients to potentially address multiple goals while visiting our dental offices

Family Dental Practice – for Adults and Kids of All Ages

If you have children, you may have been scheduling dental office visits at two or more practices twice a year. This can be time consuming, and many parents find themselves difficult to find time to take care of their own oral health care needs

Dental Services

By visiting a family dental group practice with experience dentist and broad dental service offering most of the dental needs could be addressed under one roof and such creating of concept of dental home for your family

Please call a dentist near you at Dental Health 360° in Paramus, Clifton NJ or Spring Valley NY or contact us online to schedule your next appointment!