Medicare dental insurance for seniors - Summary View
Senior at the Dentist

Finding good dental care for seniors is important to overall health! As the American Dental Association (ADA) says, the relationship between oral and general health is especially pronounced for older adults. Original Medicare is a great option to get care as we get older but it does not offer coverage for most dental care, so you’ll need to get coverage from a Medicare Advantage plan, standalone insurance or dental discount programs.

  1. Original Medicare does not cover most dental care including cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions and dentures. (Medicare Part A covers certain dental services that are performed as part of an inpatient stay in a hospital)
  2. Unlike Original Medicare, nearly all Medicare Advantage plans offer dental coverage: 97% of individual plans have dental benefits in 2023, according to ADA

Individual Medicare Advantage plans' dental benefits may include a discounted fee or certain percentage coverage of teeth cleanings, fillings, routine X-rays and extractions.

Call your Medicare Insurance and find out if you have Dental Coverage and request following information:

  • Dental Insurance Company Name and Phone #
  • Subscriber Member ID

How does dental insurance for seniors work?

To get coverage for the routine and preventive dental care you need, you have a few options.

Option #1: Enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage plans cover the same emergency or complicated dental procedures as Original Medicare, and they can also cover routine dental care services. Coverage varies by plan, so be sure to research the plan you’re interested in to see what they offer.

Medicare Advantage plans preventive and comprehensive dental coverage including crowns, dentures, extractions and more

Option #2: Choose a standalone dental insurance plan.

As explains, a standalone plan is offered through the Marketplace and is not included as part of a health plan. Standalone plans can be helpful if the plan you choose doesn’t include dental or if you want different dental coverage. Keep in mind if you choose a separate dental plan, you’ll pay a separate, additional premium.

Option #3: Explore discount dental programs.

A dental discount plan works like a club with an annual fee-based membership. Healthcare explains that these plans provide discounts from participating parties instead of covering dental expenses.

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