What Is a Dental Bridge?
dental bridge

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is a great option for patients who need to replace broken or missing teeth. Dental bridges act as a replacement for missing teeth and can prevent complications that stem from missing teeth. A bridge is essentially a “filler” tooth that connects to the mouth and fills the gap to protect the exposed gum line from damage. In other words, a dental bridge is a combination of crowns fused together by the lab to cement to the adjacent teeth of the missing space.

Bridges can also be useful for adjacent teeth that may need crowns because of fractures, decay, or large fillings. On the other hand, if the teeth adjacent to the missing space are healthy and intact, a bridge might not be a great option because they would require sacrificing healthy tooth structure. In order to determine the best treatment option to replace missing or lost teeth, it is best to consult with your dental care provider.

Some of the troubles that stem from missing teeth, which dental bridges can address, include:

  • Speech problems

The teeth are an important component of forming sounds properly when talking. For many patients, losing teeth can make speaking more difficult.

  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing foods

One of the most important roles of our teeth is to chew our food and allow our bodies to digest the nutrients we need. If teeth are missing, it can make chewing difficult and painful. If the issue becomes severe enough, it can even lead to malnutrition because the individual will find themselves avoiding certain foods for the sake of chewing with ease.

  • Oral infections and gum disease

Although gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, tooth loss can also worsen the state of gum disease and oral infections. Tooth loss is often caused by tooth decay and gum disease, which can lead to other serious health issues like brain and heart infections.

  • Chronic headaches

One of the consequences of tooth loss that many people are unaware of is the potential for chronic headaches, which are a result of the jaw soreness associated with the issue.

Not only can dental bridges help prevent these issues, but they yield a variety of powerful benefits for the patient. Some of the benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Maintaining facial structure

Not only do your teeth help you chew your favorite foods, but they actually help maintain your ideal facial structure. Your teeth provide support for the other bone structures in the face, as well as the skin and muscles in your face. Restoring the areas that have missing teeth can help prevent undesirable shifts in the face’s structure which can lead to aging and a less defined facial appearance.

  • Elevates confidence and improves aesthetics

When you are missing teeth, it can be easy to feel self-conscious, which can take a toll on your self-esteem over time. One of the most rewarding aspects of the dentistry field is giving patients the opportunity to feel comfortable in their own skin again. Dental bridges are one way that we are able to provide that feeling because they allow patients to return to the comfort and ease of a beautiful smile.

  • Simple maintenance process

Unlike some other tooth replacement alternatives, dental bridges are quite easy to maintain. They do not feel intrusive in the mouth and because they are fixed permanently, they do not need to be regularly removed for cleaning. Dental bridges allow patients to maintain their oral health with a regular dental routine rather than an elaborate one.

  • Simple procedure

Each patient’s journey with dental bridges will look a little different, but generally, only a few appointments are needed in order to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, the time that the appointments take will pale in comparison to the reliable longevity of the bridges.

  • Comfortable and lightweight

Because dental bridges are so comfortable and are not bulky, patients will be able to speak, chew, and eat the same way they would with regular teeth. Dental bridges provide a natural chewing experience.

Find the Solution to Missing Teeth

At Dental Health 360°, we are committed to going above and beyond for our patients’ needs. For patients who require teeth replacements, we will collaborate directly with them in order to find the best solution. Dental bridges can be a great way to replace missing teeth, but our cosmetic dentists offer a variety of other replacement options as well. If we determine that dental bridges are the best route, we will take a mold of the gap where there is a missing tooth and create a custom artificial replacement. We will then insert the bridge, creating a natural and functional tooth replacement.

If you would like to learn more about dental bridges or other tooth replacement solutions, call us today at (201) 809-9566 or contact us online.