The Importance of Mouthwash in Your Hygiene Routine

Simply brushing and flossing may seem like it is enough to keep up with the standards of optimal oral health. However, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), “the use of mouthwash is an extremely helpful addition to the daily oral hygiene routine for some people.”

Major Benefits of Mouthwash Include:

  • Reduces Bacteria/ Plaque Build-Up: Antibacterial mouthwashes can help to combat plaque and bacteria accumulation, as well as bad breath.
  • Prevents Gum Inflammation & Disease – Special or prescription mouthwashes can prevent subsequent gum irritation, which leads to periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.
  • Strengthens Teeth – Fluoride mouthwashes are great for those that do not get enough exposure to fluoride in everyday drinking water, and it can effectively reduce the risk of tooth decay and loss.
  • Improves Dry Mouth Symptoms – If you have dry mouth, it is particularly important to avoid using a mouthwash that contains alcohol, which has a drying effect on the mouth.
  • Freshens Breath – We all desire fresh breath, particularly after a pungent meal. If you’re looking to quickly tame your dragon breath, mouthwash can effectively kill off an offensive odor, leaving you feeling minty fresh.

The Best Types of Mouthwash

For patients struggling with pain or discomfort in their gums, after brushing and flossing we recommend swishing with an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash to prevent the buildup of plaque and the progression of gum disease. These mouthwashes contain beneficial ingredients such as cetyl pyridinium, chlorhexidine, and essential oils.

Those suffering from dry mouth can consider trying out an oral rinse to fight these symptoms. Call our office at (201) 809-9566 and speak with a member of our team for recommended products!  

Strengthen Your Oral Health Today!

It’s important to note that even if you’re mouthwash appears to be giving you fresh breath and lighter symptoms, if you have untreated decay or chronic infection it may be an indicator for a much more serious case.

Our team can help you by devising a treatment plan that works around your schedule to help you discover new ways to lead you into better practices in your lifestyle habits, choices, and oral hygiene.

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