A Few Expectations about Invisalign Braces

1. You Have to Wear Them for 22 Hours a Day

Invisalign clear aligners sound almost too good to be true and while they are pretty amazing, they do require self control. You are able to take the aligners out whenever needed which means it can be tempting to pop them out numerous times throughout the day for a break here and there, especially in the beginning when they hurt or you’re still trying to master talking with them in. While the temptation is there — don’t go for it. In order for Invisalign to work, the aligners must be worn for at least 22-hours a day. The other two hours are really just to allow time for the patient to eat.

2. You Need to Carry a Toothbrush With You Everywhere

Please start stocking toothbrushes everywhere and invest in a nice little compact brush before getting the Invisalign aligners. This is because you’ll be brushing your teeth constantly. Every single time you eat or drink something that isn’t water, you have to brush your teeth. Soon enough you’ll get used to the idea of running to the bathroom at work and brushing your teeth at lunch, or any other public bathroom for that matter.

3. You Can Only Drink Cold Water

The only thing that can be consumed while wearing Invisalign aligners is cold water. This isn’t good news for anyone who is an avid coffee or tea drinker. What you should do - just just pop them out, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. You’ll need to then run to the bathroom, brush your teeth and then put the aligners back in. Remember, you only get two hours aligner free a day.

4. The Attachments Stain Easily

You can easily avoid staining the clear aligners by popping them in and out when eating, but those attachments that hold the aligners in place are fastened to the side of your teeth and cannot be removed. This is another reason why it’s super important to be quite diligent with brushing your teeth.

While there is NO question that Invisalign is a GAME CHANGER and HAS PROVEN TRACK RECORD – please, please follow some important protocols for the BEST RESULTS!!!

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